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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your wagons different from the next guy's wagons?

We are very particular in going over the wagons from the front of the machine to the rear of the machine, paying attention to everything in between. We make sure they run great, and perform all of their functions perfectly. We fix anything that is out of working condition. We service all of our machines with new oil and filters, make sure they have good tires, make sure all of the lights work(self-propelled models),make sure the brake systems are in good working order, and above all, we're very particular. If we like them, you'll love them.

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How long have you been specializing in New Holland bale wagons?

We have been specializing in bale wagons for 20 years. We have bought and sold hundreds of wagons throughout the United States.

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On a restored machine, what is the quality of the paint?

We use factory paint and decals. We use an automotive urethane catalyst for increased life of the paint. We prep the machines by sanding the surfaces. Guy's son, Ryan,is a journeyman auto body technician with 17 years of experience in the automotive industry. Ryan and his wife Jayne, owned and operated their own Body Shop for 10 years. The Palmers know the key ingredients to great paint jobs, the biggest key is we don't cut corners. We feel the paint work is superior to a "New Wagon." We invite you to come and see our beautiful bale wagons.

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What is the difference in cost of one of your machines and a new machine?

Our machines vary in price from good as is condition to fully restored. A new pull-type 1037 wagon (if you can get them to build you one) is $37,500.00 and up. The 1036 models were over $30,000.00 but the 1036 model is no longer available through New Holland. New Holland no longer builds a two-wide pull type, thus making our fully restored 1036 bale wagons a wonderful value for the person requiring a two wide to the job. If you would be willing to take the time to come and see our restored bale wagons, you would swear you were looking at brand new ones. Our program is the most comprehensive and thorough program in the industry. We pride ourselves in making our machines be as nice and function as perfectly as a brand new machine. Our fully restored machines can save you lots of $$$$ off of the cost of a new machine and will do everything that the new machine will do but does offer the major factor of huge savings. We also carry very nice original condition machines that have been thoroughly checked and given everything that they need to be field ready. There is no comparison in quality and value. We will take and send photos of whatever part of the machine you want to see. E-mail us with any of your questions on specifics.

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I noticed you rate your machines 1 to 10. Could you give me some idea on how you rate a 5 vs. a 10?

A #5 would be a machine that had had a lot of use, needs some mechanical repair, has faded, rusty paint, 50% worn tires, glass has some damage, interior has damage, electrical doesn't all work. A #10 would be a brand new bale wagon, with everything perfect. We don't buy or sell anything less than a # 7. Most of our machines are in a range from 7 1/2 to 9 1/2. Better wagons make for satisfied customers.

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